Monday, October 5, 2009

30 Day Challenge Observations

I have received many comments from people following my progression through this 30 day adventure with the iPhone. One of the things that has surprised me the most has been that most of the people following (mainly through Facebook) have not realized that the images have all been taken with the iPhone.

My limitations have been that I must take and post 1 picture per day (and the photo must be taken on that day) any editing must be done on the iPhone and uploaded from the iPhone.

Some of my learns so far have been.

  • I can be creative every day - I just need to push myself! 
  • I don't need a DSLR and f2.8 glass to create a great image.
  • Equipment is not holding me back.
  • The iPhone camera is actually not that bad. When I first got it, my reaction was ehhhh - not a good camera - but the best one I had seen on a cellphone. I had to learnt he limitations of the camera and learn to work within them.

I am already thinking about what the next 30 day challenge will be...

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